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[View]  Series 1, Subseries C, Box 15, Item 1 - Commissary disbursements of Dr. M. A. Verser
Disbursement of Dr. M.A. Verser [also Vesser] [Macon] Confederate Commissary for Marshall County, Alabama for Families of Confederate Soldiers. [Distribution of salt and money to destitute women]
[View]  Series 1, Subseries C, Box 15, Item 2 - Notes payable to Samuel and John E. Townsend, executors of Edmund Townsend, circa 1850s
[FCR wrote her MA dissertation on the manumission of the Townsend slaves, and this ledger and some other few documents were not included in her material sent to the Hoole Library at Tuscaloosa.] S. D. Cabaniss served as executor for the Townsend estates. These accounts are for quite substantial notes. A few pages in the back included religious writings and one page of bills.
[View]  Series 1, Subseries C, Box 15, Item 3 - Ledger, perhaps legal fees, 1851-1853
Notes during 1861 bearing information from date of establishment of Samuel Townsend, total of $112,361.80. List of work hours, perhaps for servants and Ellen Roberts, ditto sheet for Curb Market, 1940 letter from Frank C. Manning, last page has credits[?] during 1860-61.
[View]  Series 1, Subseries C, Box 15, Item 4 - Ledger, 1841-1843, used by Septimus Cabaniss as Assignee of Bankruptcy Court of Northern Alabama
This involves records of Blount, Marshall, Madison, Franklin, Jackson, Randolph, Benton [Calhoun], Talladega, St. Clair, Morgan, Marion, Lauderdale, and Fayette Counties. An itemized list of possessions put up for sale by household is listed in the Box.
[View]  Series 1, Subseries C, Box 15, Item 5 - Leather Ledger, 1875-1876
Accounts that suggest stationery store, perhaps records of Septimus D. Cabaniss, Jr. Items for sale included books, paper, cigars, string, pens, etc.
[View]  Series 1, Subseries C, Box 15, Item 6 - 1 sheet expense account of HR & Co., recipes, clippings pasted over 1880s account entries

[View]  Series 1, Subseries C, Box 15, Item 7 - Ledger appears to be a record of Grocery expenses from the year 1906