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[View]  Series 1, Subseries A - Cabaniss Household Business (CHB)
Subseries A (CHB) deals with the bills and receipts of family life from the 1830s to 1930s at the house at 603 Randolph Street. These papers are sorted chronologically.
[View]  Series 1, Subseries B - Cabaniss Professional Business
Sub series B (CPB) deals with a small, but active, legal practice of Septimus Cabaniss with his various partners, who included men considered to be outstanding lawyers in the state, from the 1890s to 1938 at the office on the town Square. He studied law in Huntsville under Silas Parsons and practiced law with Leroy Pope Walker, Robert C. Brickell, and Francis P. Ward. These papers are sorted by year, except when an obvious grouping of an estate is evident. The papers continue through professional activities at the Madison County Courthouse including those of his son, James Budd Cabaniss, and his daughter, Fanny Cabaniss, who were clerks of the Chancery Court and a few papers of his son, Septimus, Jr., who owned a bookstore for a brief period.
[View]  Series 1, Subseries C - Cabaniss Personal Correspondence (CPC)
Subseries C, Cabaniss Personal Correspondence (CPC), consists of correspondence from letters from friends, relatives, and their children. Most of the family correspondence involves these children and families of S. D. Cabaniss, and his brothers and sisters who appeared to have been enormous burdens in these difficult years. These papers are sorted "to whom," "from whom," and then chronologically.