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[View]  Series 1, Subseries C, Box 17, Item 1 - Legal ledger, circa 1848-1850s
Estate account of James W. McClung, money paid out, money collected, postage account, bills due, list of vouchers against debts of JWMc, miscellaneous expense records, deposition of Mr. Salmon re. James Christian.
[View]  Series 1, Subseries C, Box 17, Item 2 - Leather ledger book, 1855-1863
Unknown source, 81 pages used, indexed and accounts total for either mercantile or banking records.
[View]  Series 1, Subseries C, Box 17, Item 3 - Lady's Scrapbook, circa 1890-1910
Typical of periods with newspaper clippings of poetry, articles about women. Hammered copper cover. Later clippings not pasted on. Dr. Roberts had bookmarked places, 5 cutouts of famous leaders [probably for classroom use].